Belize Court of Appeal scheduled to hear appeals the Orozco case in March 2018

The appeals by the Government of Belize and the Roman Catholic Church against the decision of Chief Justice Benjamin last August 2016 are scheduled to be heard together sometime in March 2017. The exact day in March has not yet been determined. 


The March 2017 date was settled at a case management conference held on August 31, 2017 at which the President of the Court of Appeal, the Hon. Sir Manuel Sosa presided. Both Lisa Shoman SC and Westmin James (U-RAP) represented Orozco and UNIBAM at this case management conference. 


Counsel for the Roman Catholic Church attorney is now Mr. Andrew Marshalleck SC of Barrow & Co. 

Orozco and UNIBAM have indicated that they have preliminary objections to the appeals. The Court of Appeal will hear these objections at the same time as it hears the appeals.

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